Water Princess
Water Princess
Name Water Princess
Sex Female
Age 14
Species Water Elemental
Occupation Princess of the Water Kingdom
Relatives Water King (Father)
Water Queen (Mother)
Water Prince (Brother)
Introduced in "When World's Collide"
Water Princess is the princess of the Water Kingdom on Saturn. When she moved with her friend Pen (Who she is dating), Nate, and Princess Gumball, to Earth so Pen could live near his new brother Finn. She is really good friends with Flame Princess, but they can't touch at all, because she would burn out Flame Princess her, and Flame Princess would make her evaporate. She is also good friends with: Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Candy people. In the few days she when she had came to Earth, she was already a target of the Ice King, but she was only kidnapped by Ice King for only 10 minutes before Finn, Jake, and Pen came and beated him up and rescued her. But long story short she likes Earth and the Land of Ooo.



Water Princess and Pen met at the very beginning of "I Have a Brother? Part II" when Pen wakes up in the Hard Candy Hospital in the Emergency Room. Two episodes later in "Wet to the Touch" they had their first date (on Earth with Flame Princess and Finn) at the lake near by Finn and Jake's House. At the end of the date Pen kissed her and said have a good night and that he had a good time, Finn (who had a spell on that he could touch Fire) did the same thing, and walked her home. But they continue dating.


Water Princess and Nate have been friends ever since she met Pen in "I Have a Brother? Part II".


When Water Princess and her friends walked in the portal to Earth, Finn and Water Princess have been very good friends to each other. She always tell him about what it was like on Saturn how it looks barren but is filled with so many people. She joaks around with him about how Saturn and how it is so funny.


Not much is known about the relationship between Water Princess and Jake, because they haven't really got a se Jake is sometimes busy with his children. But we know they are good friends.

Flame PrincessEdit

Flame Princess and Water Princess are really good friends. They can't really touch each other because their opposites. But they have been the best of friends for a long time, since they have met.