Water Prince
Water Prince
Name Water Prince
Sex Male
Age 15
Species Water Elemental
Occupation Prince
Relatives Water King (Father)
Water Queen (Mother)
Water Princess (Sister)
Water Prince is the Prince of the Water Kingdom. He is the brother of Water Princess.


Water Prince is extremely bold. He prefers large, impactful actions. He lacks any talents in subtlety or restraint. This can sometimes lead to reckless actions.

However, he is quite well mannered to friend and stranger alike.

In addition, he has a very strong sense of justice, which is very similar to Finn's. However, he is less conflicted by situations that require moral choices.

Water Prince does have a severe flaw, though. He is extremely biased against members of the Fire Kingdom. Naturally, he doesn't approve of Finn's relationship with Flame Princess. Due to this, Flame Princess doesn't approve of his friendship with Finn. Finn is conflicted about how to deal with this.


Water Prince is made of living water, and therefore can flow and move like water. He can take different liquid forms, such as a snake or a bubble. When he is heated,part of him will turn into steam, and can reform later. Cold is his main weakness, for he is most vulnerable when frozen.