Finn the Human
Name Human
Reside in Land of Ooo
Known characters Finn
Simon Petrikov (past)
Betty (Dead/Mutant)
Introduced in Adventure Time

Humans are a critically endangered species in the post-apocalyptic setting of Adventure Time. It's suspected that Finn is the last human on Earth. Many characters have marveled at Finn's humanity, like Princess Bubblegum in the episode "Susan Strong." Bob Rainicorn even went as far as to say that he and his wife Ethel Rainicorn believed humans to be extinct. The scarce human population in the Land of Ooo can probably be attributed to the Mushroom War, which took place about a thousand years before the present story line and is thought to have involved the excessive use of nuclear weapons. Another possible cause for the scarce number of humans might be that the inhabitants of Ooo devoured the humans, as species such as Skeletons and Rainicorns have a desire for their flesh.

Note that there are other beings in Ooo (such as Pajama Ninja or Old Man Henchman) that seem to resemble humans. However, Finn and the other characters do not recognize them as humans. According to the show's writers, these characters should be referred to as humanoids or mutants. It should also be noted that the last humans with Finn as the only confirmed example show a striking difference in appearance to the alternate timeline and presumably unmutated "Farmworld" humans, which have larger eyes with visible whites and pupils, and more prominent noses.

Known HumansEdit

Deceased HumansEdit

  • The Commander and Private actors from the movie Heat Signature.
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Betty

Hybrid HumansEdit

  • Stormo (by DNA)

Humans from the Farmworld timelineEdit

  • Finn's Mom
  • Finn's Dad
  • Finn's Baby Brother
  • Choose Bruce
  • Destiny Gang
    • Big Destiny
    • Trami
    • Tromo
    • Unnamed Destiny Gang Members


  • Ice King (Formal Simon Petrikov)

Possible HumansEdit

  • Susan Strong